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We pride ourselves in a thorough and detailed process to identify the best possible joint ventures.
We strive to share the access to the best possible opportunities in many companies, projects or your favorite residential property. Become a member and have access to every handpicked opportunity or bring us your favorite that needs a partner.

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We are constantly striving for perfection by building innovative experiences that will set you apart from the competition. Take a look at some of our amazing Companies and Opportunities.

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PDI Real Estate can help you find the perfect property
to fit your needs and price range

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We manage and minimize risk with low leverage
and specialized niche investments around the globe

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From classic retirement to assisted living to long term care:
comprehensive line of quality and affordable services

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  • – Troy Powell

    “Troy Powell is a seasoned business professional with many years of experience managing a diverse group of successful companies. Specializing in real-estate, development, funding, management, sales and many other types of business ventures. Always putting the client first, Troy finds a way to create solutions where everyone wins.”

    – Troy Powell