Continuously evolving since 1982, PDI (Powell Development & Investment), is a consortium of enterprises which has fruitfully progressed in the ever-changing world. To stay abreast, PDI diversifies in areas such as Development & Investment, Real Estate, Management, Medical Tourism, Marketing, and Web-Design. Collectively with our steadily growing affiliates (members), PDI works in unison with like-minded individuals to achieve collective goals. Together we include an extensive range of options in order to provide the best possible Services for our members and associates. People helping people!

Meet the PDI Family

powell-development-logoA “members only” private company S.A.P.I. that is designed to be taken to the Mexican Stock Exchange. We are focused in working hand in hand with banks, funds, businesses, members and investors to reach common goals. Let us help you achieve your dreams through portfolio diversification and innovative approaches to investing, managing and operating.

transformationmx-logoWorking with national and internationally renowned physicians and hospitals and creating a strong relationship with international companies we pride ourselves in providing the best options for you with the highest quality care. Using state-of-the art technology and programs which are committed to help improve our patients’ health and safety.

pdi-real-estate-logoMaking strong investment decisions day by day we continue to benefit our clients with the knowledge and experience to provide expert advice. Our Real Estate agents will fulfill your needs by guiding and assisting you in selling, buying, investing, financing for both residential and commercial properties.

management-logoWith more than 40 years of innovation and experience, we provide ongoing project management and oversight during all phases of any type of project or development from start to finish. We help our partners in areas such as administration, accounting, management, design and investment to be more productive and efficient.

highmktA Creative and innovative team backs up all of our projects giving your brand the unique approach you’re searching for. We have considerable expertise and strongly focus in strategy, branding, Media impact and Social Media Marketing.

Membership Program

  • Medical Tourism Services
  • Concierge/Tours/Shows Service
  • Discounts with business members
  • Monthly Specials
  • Crowdfunding opportunities
  • Investment opportunities
  • Local and International advertising
  • Members database of over 100,000
  • Membership Cards
  • Portfolio Collection
  • Special Offers
  • Business Webpage
  • Private Account Webpage

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Panhandle West


Hacking is a Global Threat


Que?Pasa Restaurant/Bar Condo Complex

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PDI is a consortium of enterprises (Real Estate, Business, Lifestyle and Healthcare) which has fruitfully progressed in the ever-changing world.

  • – Troy Powell

    “Troy Powell is a seasoned business professional with many years of experience managing a diverse group of successful companies. Specializing in real-estate, development, funding, management, sales and many other types of business ventures. Always putting the client first, Troy finds a way to create solutions where everyone wins.”

    – Troy Powell