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About Us

PDI Management is a vertically integrated International Services company that applies principal experience to development and capital advising. Every project receives the advice of the qualified and experienced PDI Management team members at all stages of the development process. The members of PDI Management have 30+ years combined international real estate experience and have been involved in the placement, structuring and management of real estate.

PDI Management has assembled a network of international specialists in each market discipline to ensure an efficient development process for every project. With an emphasis on sustainability and project management PDI Management and its advisors consult on all aspects critical to the implementation of a sustainable “Green” development plan utilizing our trusted network of professionals in the local markets.

We provide ongoing project management and oversight during all phases of the development from start to finish. We specialize in every aspect including: Banking, Financing, Managing Director, Design and Planning Architect, Marketing, Sales Management, Hospitality, Analyst, Development Management, Spa and Medical Service, Accounting, Due Diligence, Architecture Management, and Project and Construction Management.

Our Company Key Strategies

  • Establish and maintain a quality management system
  • Exceed customer expectations as well as statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Continuously improve our processes, products and services
  • Promote a culture of excellence among our employees

PDI Values

We at PDI, are fully committed to the following values that guide us to be a quality-driven world class organization:

  • Excellence – Achieving distinction through an unwavering quest for unsurpassed quality products and services, superior standards of innovation,process efficiency and a consistent focus on results
  • Entrepreneurship –Visionary leadership that ensures speed and commitment in decision making and execution
  • Professionalism – Transparency and accountability driven by honesty and integrity in our business and people
  • Responsibility – Committed to high standards of safety and health, as a socially responsible corporate citizen focused on the welfare of our employees

Environmental Policy

At PDI we are committed to protecting the environment. Sustaining the health of our planet is a prime consideration in all aspects and stages of our businesses.

To protect the environment we shall:

  • Establish and maintain an Environment Management System.
  • Eliminate any potential adverse environmental impacts arising from our business activities.
  • Comply with the customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Train our employees and contractors to conduct all their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

At PDI, we are committed to ensuring the safety and health of all our employees at work. We aim to establish a conducive, safe and sound environment at all places within PDI 

To realize our goal in Occupational Health and Safety, we shall:

  • Establish and maintain an Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • Comply with the customer, statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Improve our work procedures and eliminate potentially hazardous working practices
  • Create awareness among our employees and contractors to conduct all their activities in a safe and healthy manner