Hip and Knees


How long has your hip pain kept you from playing sports or simply walking comfortably to the corner? If you have been told by your doctor you need one or both knees replaced, will the cost cripple you further?

Consider the options available in Puerto Vallarta: skilled multililingual orthopedic surgeons, private hospital, condominiums with private nurse for pre-and post-operative care as needed. Details like extra insurance coverage, being picked up at the airport, having meals/food provided until you are completely mobile. This and more for a fraction of what you would pay in the United Sates and with a far shorter wait time if you are a Canadian awaiting surgery. Appointments can be made with our specialists within a week’s time and surgery and/or treatments scheduled around your time-frame

Hip Pain Relief Puerto Vallarta

Hip replacements in the United States, for example, may cost over $50,000 dollars; here in Puerto Vallarta’s Medasist Hospital, less than half that.

Orthopedic surgeries are just one aspect of medical treatments offered by PDI Companies. Cosmetic surgeries – from complete face lifts to Botox injections; Gastric Bypass Surgery to exercise and nutritional programs; all dental procedures and much, much more.

As critical as cost is, it is the quality of care Powell Development & Investment provides that make each patient’s case personal and important. From answering questions to overseeing your entire visit from start to finish leaves you with one concern only and that is to heal quickly in the warmth that is Puerto Vallarta.

Author: Marcia Blondin


Source: TransformationMx

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