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Transformation Wellness & Center Provides Low Cost Assisted living Services in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Transformation Wellness & Center provides a new opportunity for senior people, who live in America and Canada to enjoy assisted living in the appealing beach resort, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. They will be able to combine the highest level of care with beneficial activities to improve their health at very low costs.

More and more people from Canada and America choose Puerto Vallarta as a Mexican top destination for assisted living or retirement due to a variety of reasons. This place is especially appealing for dental and medical tourism because of the professional doctors and dentists and affordable medical procedures that cost about a tenth part of what they would have to pay for the same treatment in their own countries.

This explains the fact that people prefer to live in Mexico after their retirement, when they will no longer worry about the expenses they will pay for caregivers and doctors. Transformation Wellness & Center offers people a room with all the needed amenities in it and appropriate care for just $3000 per month. The rooms feature an ocean panorama and provide patients with the opportunity to combine natural and medical treatment, taking advantage of sun and various water activities.

The customers can choose between various low cost procedures offered at Transformation Wellness & Center. A massage that continues for an hour costs less than $20, while having a lunch in a great restaurant, located on the very beach, will cost people between 10 and 20 dollars.

Transformation Wellness & Center offers 24 hour care, nurses and a doctor, who live on site and are always available to help, two swimming pools, air conditioning, direct access to the beach, and much more. Patients are able to enjoy TV with more than 60 channels and Internet in their rooms and use their medical alert necklaces at any time to signalize for emergency, resting assured that the caregivers will immediately respond. There are wheelchairs available in the whole community and the activity director schedules daily activities for people.

Adults may meet in the large common areas to share their stories and make new friends, or just to interact with other residents and to not feel alone. The company offers transportation to different medical or dental appointments. Three meals per day are included and the customers can visit Tiki Bar where drinks are included in the monthly fee.

The company offers several services to meet the needs of tourists. These are vacation stays, senior vacations, where senior people can choose to stay for a period of a few days to a month or so, and assisted living with high quality care and low prices, where doctors and nurses are reachable 24 hours a day.

About Us: Transformation Wellness & Center Company is the first international community that offers assisted living vacations and 24/7 nurses and doctors at very low rates compared to those offered in the USA and Canada.



Source: TransformationMx

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