Puerto Vallarta, on the Pacific coast, is one of the most popular Mexican retirement destinations for foreigners. As reported on a recent CNN news report, quality care and easy accessibility to bilingual doctors in Puerto Vallarta make medical tourism very attractive.

Transformation & Wellness Center can help in a variety of situations; a patient may come for medical surgery and recover in the company of their loved ones in a vacation-like setting.

Transformation & Wellness Center has partnered with top medical professionals to create a network of wide ranging specialties, working with highly skilled, internationally trained surgeons that perform techniques used in the United States and Europe.

Service packages can include all or a combination of:

  • Dental / Medical Tourism Recovery with Nurses 24/7
  • Pharmacy / Laboratory
  • Orthopedic / Bariatric / Plastic Surgery
  • Weight loss / Diabetes / Nutritionist
  • Anti-Aging / HGH / Testosterone
  • Mental and physical coaching