Typical Medical Procedures Performed in Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is usually known as a paradise in Mexico’s Pacific coast, a popular destination for families on holidays, snowbirds and couples looking for a romantic getaway. Boasting beautiful beaches, fine weather and great food it now has another attraction:  medical tourism. With first class hospitals and teams of doctors performing surgeries on patients travelling from all over the world,  Puerto Vallarta is becoming a sought after Medical Tourism destination.

This growing industry is enticing millions of Americans to travel abroad in search of cheaper quality health care, yet because of its proximity to the United Stated and Canada, excellent medical care at affordable prices, and the city being a tourist destination by itself Medical Tourism in Puerto Vallarta offers the possibility to recover and relax in a wonderful location while enjoying great beaches and sunsets at the same time.

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Typical Medical Procedures in Puerto Vallarta

Because of all these benefits patients have been travelling  to undergo many kinds of medical procedures in Puerto Vallarta, including Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Plastic Surgery or Dental work, realizing that prices are much lower than in the USA or Canada.

Dental Work

Procedures like whitening, checkups, implants, veneers or porcelain crowns help preserve the integrity of your teeth and give you a great smile, and can be found at very affordable prices saving up to 75% off the prices found in the USA. A dental implant in the US has an average cost of $2,800 while in Puerto Vallarta it may cost $1,800 or less.

Bariatric Surgery

Gastric sleeve, gastric bypass surgery, duodenal switch and lap bands are the most popular bariatric surgeries performed in Puerto Vallarta to remove excess fat deposits and, ultimately, enhance the patient’s confidence. Many health clinics also include post weight loss surgery to tighten up the excess. The most competitive prices sometimes are up to 70% off  US rates; a lap band in the US may cost $30,000 while in Puerto Vallarta you can find this procedure at $6,500; a gastric sleeve offered in the US for $28,700 may cost $9,995.

Plastic Surgery

            Today, the practice of plastic surgery (cosmetic and reconstructive) in Mexico has reached a high level of standards and development. These procedures include nose jobs to modify the size, shape or symmetry , breast surgeries, face surgeries to lift and tighten facial skin, and more. The average cost of breast implants and rhinoplasty in the US are $10,000 each, but in Puerto Vallarta you can find them at around $3,500 each.

Orthopedic Surgery

            These types of procedures are usually urgent for those who suffer from pain, and because of this reason  many hospitals and clinics specialize in them including hip replacing surgery, meniscus repair, spinal fusion, shoulder surgery, Achilles tendon repair, ACL repair, knee replacement surgery and disc hernia surgery. The hip replacing procedure in USA usually costs around $50,000 while Mexico offers the same surgery for $13,000, and a knee replacement can cost $12,000.


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Medical tourism in Puerto Vallarta is increasing every year, progressively becoming the ideal destination for health and rest. Any patient can transform a simple medical procedure into a well-deserved vacation for the family in a beautiful country and an overall safe and pleasant experience. Our doctors have performed hundreds of procedures on foreign patients with complete success, sharing their testimonials of a fantastic medical tourism experience. We look forward to hearing from you!


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