What Are Medical Facilities in Puerto Vallarta Like?


Private health care in Puerto Vallarta is without surprise, one of the main reasons tourists flock to this beach town in Mexico’s Pacific coast. This small city in the third largest bay of North America is second home to many snowbirds who flock here every season, sometimes to escape the colder climate of the North, others to take advantage of the high quality health care Puerto Vallarta has to offer at prices that are often a third of what it would cost in the USA or Canada. Best of all, while prices are much more affordable, the quality of the medical services in Puerto Vallarta is just as good as in hospitals and clinics in the USA and Canada, if not better.

medical service in puerto vallarta

The Hospitals

There are several large hospitals in Puerto Vallarta, all of them are world class and also have offices for private consultations, allowing the doctors to be able to choose what hospital they prefer to work with. It might seem obvious that any medical procedure would be made in the same hospital where the doctor’s practice is, but factors such as price, location and patient preference might determine otherwise.

Hospital Medasist in Puerto Vallarta is one of the leading hospitals in the area offering top quality health care with state of the art technology yet at affordable costs. It accepts many insurance providers both national and international, has several packages available for typical medical procedures, overseas patients come to Puerto Vallarta for (plastic surgery, orthopedic, dental, tummy tucks, traumatology, etc) and give preferred rates for members who decide to join their “Life Club” program. Fortunately this is something that would not be necessary if you’re a PDI member or get in touch with us to get your medical procedures done as we offer these same deals as well as many other benefits through or transformation and wellness company.

There are other hospitals in town which include CMQ, San Javier, Amerimed, Hospital Versalles or the newly named Puerto Vallarta Medical Center. These medical facilities in Puerto Vallarta offer high quality medical services as well, yet prices can be substantially higher (particularly at San Javier, Amerimed and CMQ).

Which Puerto Vallarta Hospital Should You Choose?

Speak with your doctor. Speak with us. Explain what your budget is, what your preferences are regarding the kind of facilities, and where you would like to stay. It would make no sense to prefer to stay at a hotel that is far away from where your procedure will be done if repeated follow ups are expected. We may have also negotiated special rates with certain hospitals you could take advantage of. Visit the websites of every hospital, see which one is more appealing to you. Finally there’s also insurance to consider; if your medical procedure can be covered by your insurance company we’ll make sure that the hospital we decide to work with accepts your provider.

If after your research you’re still undecided get in touch with us and we’ll happily suggest what your best bet is in our opinion. All medical services in Puerto Vallarta aimed towards medical tourism are of very high quality. Get in touch, we’re happy to help!


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